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Athens - Athens (7 days - 85,50 NM)

Athens - Methana - Angistri - Egina - Poros - Puerto de Alimos - Kalamaki - Athens

Although not as well known as other island clusters, such as the Cyclades or Ionians, the Saronic Islands offer visitors the complete essence of the Greek Aegean Sea. Cruising in a sailing boat through the Saronic Gulf is the best alternative when the forecast predicts that the Meltemi winds (typical winds during the summer months) will blow intensely.

Day 1: Athens - Methana (25 nm)

Athens - Methana (25 nm)

Athens, the capital and largest city in Greece is a thousand year old chaotic metropolis where tradition and modernity collide. Pireo Port, located 10 kilometres from the city centre, is a portal to Greece with an incessant stream of international cruise ships and ferries that link the continent to the islands. However, our starting point is not Pireo but rather the marina of Alimos or Kalamaki, the largest in Greece and with a great location only 15 kilometres south of Athens. For many tourists who decide to charter a boat this marina is the ideal starting point for their cruise through the Aegean Sea. There are numerous options: a bareboat sailing boat, a catamaran with skipper, a crewed yacht, a gulet charter, etc. Whatever your preference, we give you the opportunity to discover the Saronic Gulf and its islands like you’ve never dreamed possible.

Day 2: Methana - Angistri (9 nm)

Methana - Angistri (9 nm)

Although the closest island to Athens is Aegina (also Aigina), the first part of our trip will take us to the volcanic island of Methana which is actually a peninsula that emerges from the sea. The Athenians occupied and fortified the island during the Peloponnesian War in 425 a.C. The remains of the ancient fortifications were restored in the Middle Ages and still stand today. You can also climb to the largest crater on the island (a 30 minute excursion) where you will see rivers of dry red lava and enjoy the beauty of the wild landscape. Put on some comfortable walking shoes and start climbing, you won't regret it!

Day 3: Angistri - Egina (3,50 nm)

Angistri - Egina (3,50 nm)

The next stop our boat charter will make is on Angistri (also Agistri, Ankistri or Agkistri), the least known island in the Saronic Gulf and the closest to continental Greece, only 1 hour from Pireo Port. On this 14 km squared island, there are three towns: Milos is where the majority of the population lives; Skala is a 20 minute walk away from Milos along the coastal promenade and Limenaria is on the other side of the island and has very little tourism. Visitors are attracted to the island because of its fine sandy beaches and restaurants that cook up delicious homemade meals of fresh fish, calamari, seafood or octopus.

Day 4: Egina - Poros (15 nm)

Egina - Poros (15 nm)

Aegina (or Aigina) is an island located in the middle of the Saronic Gulf and is recognised the world around for the quality of its pistachios and ceramics, although it is also home to some very interesting archaeological ruins. We will cruise aboard our sailing boat (or any other type of boat) to the gorgeous port of the capital, which is also called Aegina, on the west coast of the island. Strolling along the narrow streets, we will find charming little shops but we must visit in the morning as they close early in the afternoon. If shopping has worked up an appetite, then we can pop in to one of the many taverns we find along the way where fish is never a stranger to the menu.

Day 5: Poros - Egina (15 mn)

Poros - Egina (15 mn)

Poros is actually two islands separated by a small channel: Spharia, the southern part, is smaller and of volcanic origin while Kalaureia, the northern part, has very mountainous terrain with dense vegetation. The capital Poros is only 300 metres from the continent. The Peloponnesian city just opposite is Galatas which during ancient times could be reached on foot. Next to Galatas is the famous lemon tree forest whose aromas impregnate the entire island of Poros in May. If we decide to walk up to the clock tower, the highest part of the city, we can do some shopping along the way. The remains of the Temple of Poseidon situated atop a hill in the centre of the island are also worth visiting.

Day 6: Aegina (Aghia Marina) – Alimos Port (18 nm)

Aegina (Aghia Marina) – Alimos Port (18 nm)

We will return to Aegina Island but this time our sailing boat charter (or yacht, or catamaran) will dock along the east coast in the port of Aghia Marina, 12 km from the capital. This is an ideal spot for doing water sports during the day and going out at night as there is a good selection of bars and restaurants (some have tables and chairs right on the beach) and a lively nightlife. The most popular attraction in the area is the Temple of Aphaia which dates back to the 6th century. Every year on the 27th of August it becomes the stage for the recreation of the mythological legend about this Greek goddess.

Day 7: Alimos or Kalamaki Port (Athens)

Alimos or Kalamaki Port (Athens)

Our holiday has come to an end and it's time to go back to the continent and return our boat charter. If we didn’t have a chance to do it before boarding, this is certainly the time to visit Athens, one of the world’s richest cities in archaeological remains: the Parthenon in the Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus, the Arch of Hadrian, among others. After seven peaceful days cruising the seas, we will definitely enjoy the hustle and bustle of Athens and its delicious (and cheap) fast food: Gyros, souvlaki, kebap and tasty empanadas will give us the energy we need to stomp around town.


*The itinerary is only a guideline. Errors in the content do not justify grounds for filing a legal complaint. If you want to visit other places, the itinerary can be modified according to your preferences. If chartering a boat with skipper, the skipper may decide to change the planned itinerary due to unexpected and/or unrelated causes to the organisation.

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