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Dubrovnik - Dubrovnik (7 days - 142,50 NM)

Dubrovnik - Lopud - Ston - Mljet - Lastovo - Korcula - Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic Sea, is an ideal starting point to charter a boat and take to the seas to discover some of the most beautiful islands along the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. Cruising in a boat offers you complete freedom of movement to discover hidden coves and bays far from the crowds. Whether you have a licence and charter a bareboat sailing boat or catamaran or you opt for a yacht or gulet with skipper and/or crew, your holiday will be unique and will leave you wanting more.

Day 1: Dubrovnik - Lopud (9 NM)

Dubrovnik - Lopud (9 NM)

Dubrovnik, along with Split, is one of the main bases for sea charters on the Adriatic Sea. This beautiful city will take you back to the Middle Ages with its cobblestone streets and white stone walls that melt into the sea. The port is quite large and can be accessed from different points in the city. The city is always full of people, and in summer there are parties practically every night. Your boat charter will be waiting for you there and after check in, you will have time to buy some supplies before setting off. If you chose to rent a gulet or yacht with crew, all you have to do is settle in to your cabin and let them take care of everything.

Day 2: Bahía de Sunj en la isla de Lopud - Ston (14 NM)

Bahía de Sunj en la isla de Lopud - Ston (14 NM)

Lopud is one of the Elaphiti Islands that can be seen from Dubrovnik in the north. It has 220 inhabitants and many traces still remain of its rich history. However, today it is above all an oasis of peace surrounded by clean and crystal clear seas. Our boat charter will anchor in Sunj Bay on the south end of the island. The bay has almost a completely round shape and has a large sandy beach ideal for small children. You can rent lounge chairs and beach umbrellas on the beach and there are refreshment stands where you can eat or drink something.

Day 3: Ston - Mljet (14,50 NM)

Ston - Mljet (14,50 NM)

On our third day aboard the gulet charter, we will wake up in Ston. What most catches the eye about this small town located on the Peljesac Peninsula are its impressive walls. Constructed in 1333, the walls are considered to be the longest in Europe stretching a distance of 5.5 kilometres. Their main purpose was to defend the saltworks in Ston which were of great importance during the Republic of Dubrovnik. Today in the outskirts of town, you can still visit the salt mines where you will enjoy spectacular sunsets.

Day 4: Mljet - Lastvo (34, 50 NM)

Mljet - Lastvo (34, 50 NM)

After eating breakfast in the shade of the stern, the charter boat will cruise to the unique and surprising Mljet National Park. This island is 37 kilometres long and 3 kilometres wide and 70% of its surface is covered in forests. It has become one of the most renowned tourist destinations in Croatia. This national park is located on the western side of the island and its main attraction is the so-called “salt water” lakes, Veliko Jezero (Great Lake) and Malo Jezero (Small Lake). In reality, they are not lakes but rather two inlets connected to the sea by a tiny and nearly undetectable passage. In the middle of the Great Lake there is an islet that houses a 12th century Benedictine convent and the Saint Mary Church which are both worth visiting. You can go for a swim in the lakes (the water is very warm because it comes from the sea) and enjoy the silence.

Day 5: Lastovo Island - Korcula (21,50 NM)

Lastovo Island - Korcula (21,50 NM)

Lastovo Island is practically an untouched island. Its beauty and tranquillity have transformed it into one of the most popular islands among seafarers, especially those who are passionate about sailing. You can see for yourself if you chose to travel aboard a sailing boat. In addition, its wide variety of sea fauna makes it an ideal spot for scuba diving or underwater fishing. This also means exquisite local cuisine based on fresh fish.

Day 6: Korcula - Dubrovnik (49 NM)

Korcula - Dubrovnik (49 NM)

Legend has it that the navigator and traveller, Marco Polo, was born on this island. Although there is no evidence to prove this, there is a museum, also called Korcula, dedicated to him in the island’s capital. In the afternoon, we will arrive in the port of Korcula but before this we will anchor in front of the small island of Badija for a couple of hours. You can go for a swim and enjoy lunch in a spectacular setting near ancient Roman stone mines and surrounded by clusters of beautiful islands. In the afternoon, our captain will moor the yacht charter (sailing boat, catamaran or gulet) in the marina of Korcula where we can stroll along the narrow cobblestone streets of the old city and enjoy an unforgettable sunset.

Day 7: Dubrovnik


When travelling aboard a sailing boat, yacht or catamaran, it’s easy to lose track of time. Although you may not believe it, one week has already gone by since we set out on our journey. Since you can still spend the night on the boat tonight, we will dock in Zaton Malí Bay, near Dubrovnik. We recommend you go out for dinner and enjoy the nightlife of the city. If you can, stay a couple of days along the coast to enjoy all the magic of Dubrovnik.

*The itinerary is only a guideline. Errors in the content do not justify grounds for filing a legal complaint. If you want to visit other places, the itinerary can be modified according to your preferences. If chartering a boat with skipper, the skipper may decide to change the planned itinerary due to unexpected and/or unrelated causes to the organisation.

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