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Pula - Pula (7 days - 228 mn)

Pula - Pomer - Rabac – Opatitja - Punat - Cres – Mali Losinj - Pula

If you ever heard about the wonders of a nautical trip in Croatia, do not think twice and take the opportunity to rent a boat and sail for the beautiful Adriatic coast.  Steep cliffs, virgin beaches and coves of rocks and sand, crystal clear waters, unique marinas, high quality services, endless summers ... Everything you’ve heard of is true, but seen from the sea, sailing on a yacht with crew, a catamaran or sailboat with skipper from Pula is undoubtedly one of the best experiences you can enjoy in this country with seafaring tradition and soul of ingrained nobility..

Day 1: Pula – Pomer (18 mn)

Pula – Pomer (18 mn)

Here begins our sailing journey in Croatia, in the administrative heart of the beautiful peninsula of Istria: Pula. Tied to the sea from its origins, this Croatian town has grown around the industry of shipbuilding, traditional fishing and, in recent times, the high level tourism. The high quality of its services coupled with the incomparable beauty of its coast, practically virgin, have become a unique and indispensable destination trip across Croatia. The first stop will allow us to savor some of the finest wines and fish of the Istrian peninsula, in one of the quaint restaurants that dot its center, within walking distance from the port. We will pay in Kuna and maybe we have a chance to hear locals sing one of the traditional songs of love, humor and optimism: kaplas. Then we just take a stroll through the streets in the afternoon to board our charter boat (yacht, catamaran or sailboat) and cover the first nautical miles of our holiday in Croatia, heading Pomer in Medulin Bay.

Day 2: Pomer – Rabac (28 mn)

Pomer – Rabac (28 mn)

We begin on the second day in the unique marine of Pomer, the most protected bay of Medulin, with clean turquoise waters and wonderful views on one of the most iconic natural parks in Istrian peninsula of Premantura: Gornji Kamenjak and Donji Kamenjak. In Pomer we can enjoy a quiet anchorage with one of the best Croatian nautical services and, with the dinghy, we can bask in the main beaches in the area: framed in fresh pines and dotted with small pebbles, these beaches are ideal for children or for snorkeling with full confidence. From our charter boat, we can contemplate the small islands that conform Medulin archipelago. During our stop, we’ll enjoy the delights of this area - olive groves and vineyards, tasting a good grilled fish and replenishing strength to continue the journey to the Bay of Kvarner.

Day 3: Rabac – Opatitja (20 mn)

Rabac – Opatitja (20 mn)

After one of the longest stages of the route, we enter the heart of the Bay of Kvarner admiring its wild landscapes, its stately houses and its vegetation is still intact despite tourism that exists in this iconic Croatian town, known in Italian as Albona Porto and commonly called the pearl of Kvarner. Located southeast of the charming Labin, Rabac opens the doors of its fishing port, protected by beautiful and dramatic cliffs. Climbing, diving, cycling, horseback riding, hiking ... Rabac offers a sea of entertainment possibilities. And going up by a mountainous passage, the old mining town of Labin invites you to delve into its cosmopolitan atmosphere, its streets lined with galleries and art studios, cultural centers or enjoy music in one of the many festivals that organized in this place, especially during the summer.

Day 4: Opatitja – Punat (30 mn)

Opatitja – Punat (30 mn)

Without leaving the Kvarner Bay, continuing along the coast to the interior of Croatia, we find the town of Opatija, with its elegant mansions and stately buildings, a legacy of the Austro-Hungarian nobles who, in their day, had residence in this place during winter. That elegance and class has been moved to the whole spirit of this city, called by many the Croatian Monte Carlo, as it is a luxury holiday destination, frequented by the best yachts in the Mediterranean and the Adriatic. Let’s rest with our boat in one of the most luxurious marinas in the Adriatic, enjoy every whim we like to imagine. We use our stop to dress elegantly and go out to meet the wonderful promenade Lungo Mare, full of first class bars and restaurants . In all, we can taste fine wines, seafood and, most especially, the crab, favored specialty in the area. For nature lovers, a trip to the mountain Ucka can be an unforgettable adventure. Then another essential experience - spend the evening is on land, on one of the terraces of the Lungo Mare, tasting a drink in the light of the moon and enjoy the quietness of this luxury port. Depending on the time of year, Opatija reserves diverse surprises: jazz festivals, Bridge week ...

Day 5: Punat – Cres (42 mn)

Punat – Cres (42 mn)

We sail from Opatija between the islands of Cres and Krk, one of the most beautiful and large in size around the Adriatic, and moor in the unique town of Punat. This small town of friendly and open people is known for its entertaining environment and island that hides in its bay: Kosljun Island. Located southwest of the island of Krk, almost touching to Cres, this curious Croatian municipality offers us experience the very essence of the Adriatic coast: interlocking alleys, hidden passages, a pristine coastline, beautiful pebble beaches, bars and taverns ... is a perfect place to savor local dishes and mix in its routines, discover some of the fine art exhibits and enjoy traditional music and folklore of the island Krk, before leaving for the neighboring island, the largest of all: Cres.

Day 6: Cres – Mali Losinj (35 mn)

Cres – Mali Losinj (35 mn)

Our journey takes us to Cres, long and peppered with Mediterranean pine trees, one of the northernmost islands of the Gulf of Carnaro, connected by a bridge to neighboring Mali Losinj, also known as Lussino. It has beautiful coastal towns like Cres itself or Martinscica and small interior regions like Hrasta, Belej, Loze and Drakovac. One visit is unavoidable in our path -  spectacular Lake Vrana, hidden in the center of the island, which nourishes all the Cres water. Hiking is one of the most popular sports by residents and visitors of the island, as it has very diverse routes, with varying levels of demand that will fit most athletes. In addition, from some of the footpaths it’s possible to see stunning landscapes. With our rented sailboat we can also enjoy its pristine beaches, which cannot be reached by land: true paradises of relaxation and natural beauty.

Day 7: Mali Losinj – Pula (55 mn)

Mali Losinj – Pula (55 mn)

We continue south, sailing up the coast of Losinj, a small island that was once part of Cres and binds to it in the town of Osor. A must see is Nerezine, a beautiful marina of Primorje Gorski Kotar County: full of charm, typical bars and a vibrant activity, especially in summer. The picture is perfect to fill hundreds of photographic reels: small houses by the sea, surrounded by typical Croatian forests, with pine deep green contrasting with the blue sea ... It's best to take advantage of the privilege of having a yacht or sailboat to enjoy these views from the water and carry a unique memory back to Pula. Here in the birthplace of Istria, we moor to set end to our 7 days sailing trip along the northern coast of Croatia. A unique experience, undoubtedly, you be looking forward to repeating.

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