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Split - Dubrovnik (14 days - 289 NM)

Split - Krka - Kornatir - Telascita - Isla de Solta - Stari Grad - Hvar - Isla de Vis - Islas de Lastovo - Korcula - Mljet - Ston - Lopud - Dubrovnik

Chartering a boat in Split and cruising to Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic, is the best way to discover the most interesting Dalmatian islands from among the thousands scattered along the coast of Croatia. The port of Split is a good starting point to charter a sailing boat, a gulet, a catamaran or a yacht (depending on your budget and your needs) and enjoy a relaxed and unforgettable holiday at sea. What are you waiting for?

Day 1: Split - Krka (40 NM)

Split - Krka (40 NM)

Our holiday at sea will start in the port of Split, one of the most amazing cities in Croatia. Before we embark, we can't miss a visit to the old quarter, which was declared a World Heritage of Humanity by Unesco in 1979, or a stroll through its lively streets brimming with people at all hours. If we’ve chartered a boat with crew, they will welcome us and explain the routine on board during the 14 day cruise. If we’ve rented a bareboat because we have a licence, then all we have to do is check in and start cruising.

Day 2: Krka National Park-Kornati (28 nm)

Krka National Park-Kornati (28 nm)

During the first part of our boat trip, we will cruise through fresh waters to discover the Krka River National Park, famous for its seven waterfalls. Like the Plitvice Lakes, the waterfalls were formed from the sedimentation of travertine, a special type of limestone. The fullest waterfall is Ripki Slap while Skradinski Buk is the largest and most famous and happens to be the last one along the Krka path towards the sea. At the entrance to Krka National Park lies the small town of Skaradin. We can dock our sailing boat or yacht charter in its small port. From here, we will organize an excursion to the park which is located 4 kilometres away. Don’t miss out on going for a swim at the waterfalls! To finish off the day, we recommend you try some fish from the river at a local restaurant.

Day 3: Kornati National Park-Telascica (9 nm)

Kornati National Park-Telascica (9 nm)

After our experience on the river, we will return to the Adriatic and discover Kornati Islands National Park aboard a boat. This archipelago officially consists of 147 islands and islets although according to local legend there are really 365 islands, the same number of days in a year. In the middle of this labyrinth of islands we will search for a bay where we can spend the day and go for a relaxing swim and eat aboard our catamaran charter (or any other type of boat we've chartered). The water is so clear here that we can see the sea floor as deep as 40 meters! For lovers of scuba diving and underwater fishing, this is paradise.

Day 4: Telascica Nature Park- Solta Island (40 nm)

Telascica Nature Park- Solta Island (40 nm)

Telascica Nature Park is located in the south end of Dugi Otok Island also known as the Long Island. A large salt water lake called Mir (Peace) is located at the summit of a high vertical crag that overlooks a gulf. The skipper of our boat charter will latch on to a buoy so we can go for a hike. The water of the lake is two or three degrees hotter than in the sea so people claim that it has medicinal properties. Telascica is a perfect place to go scuba diving as it is rich in marine life. In the evening, we will make a bonfire and barbeque the fresh fish. With a bottle of wine, we will enjoy the silence of the starry night.

Day 5: Solta Island - Stari Grad (22 nm)

Solta Island - Stari Grad (22 nm)

Discovering Solta in a sailing boat or catamaran is an experience you will remember for years to come. In many of its bays you can lie down, relax and soak in the fragrances of the Adriatic and let yourself be delightfully surprised by the food they prepare on board. That’s the advantage of chartering a boat with crew! From Solta, we will cruise to Hvar Island and more specifically to Stari Grad. However, before we arrive, the captain will anchor in a bay called Tiha (“silence” in Croatian). In this little piece of paradise whose name serves it right, we will continue with our routine of swimming, scuba diving and enjoying exquisite food on board.

Day 6: Stari Grad - Hvar (14,50 NM)

Stari Grad - Hvar (14,50 NM)

Stari Grad, which means “old city” in Croatian, is a small city on Hvar Island that will pleasantly surprise you with its landscape dotted with olive trees and vineyards. It was founded by the Greeks under the name of Pharos and was later occupied by Rome. Among the places of interest is Kastel Tvrdalj. This fortified house was constructed in 1520 by writer Petar Hektorovic, and the pond where he used to breed fish still exists. Tip: Don’t miss out on taking a leisurely walk along the long promenade that follows the bay.

Day 7: Hvar – Vis Island (13.50 nm)

Hvar – Vis Island (13.50 nm)

We are in the middle of our trip and you've probably long forgotten the meaning of the word stress. There are still many more wonders left to discover. For now, we will stay on Hvar Island and head towards the city of the same name on the west side of the island. We will anchor in Scedro Island where lunch will be served on board. In the afternoon, the skipper will moor our sailing boat or yacht charter in the port of Hvar, in a peaceful bay. The city is famous for its high-end tourism and lively nightlife. After dinner, we can have a drink in one of its clubs, for example, Carpe Diem, which is one of the most popular spots on the island.

Day 8: Vis Island - Lastovo Islands (38 NM)

Vis Island - Lastovo Islands (38 NM)

Cruising in a sailing boat or any other type of boat charter through the Adriatic gives you the chance to discover gems such as Vis Island, one of the furthest islands from the peninsula. This place still remains untouched by the crowds and large hotel complexes. One of the main attractions on the island is the multitude of caves found along its coast although the most famous, Modra Splija (Blue Cave), is located on the neighbouring Bisevo Island. On Vis Island, there are natural pebble beaches and a clean and crystal clear sea, ideal for scuba diving, jet skiing, windsurfing and other water sports.

Day 9: Lastovo Island - Korcula (21,50 NM)

Lastovo Island - Korcula (21,50 NM)

Lastovo Island is very popular among seafarers for its natural beauty and tranquillity. It’s practically an untouched island! It boasts a beautiful coastline with coves everywhere, pine forests, cliffs with pristine nature and hidden bays, such as Luka. The island is ideal for lovers of sailing, scuba diving, and underwater fishing but also for aficionados of good cuisine (especially fish and seafood) and exquisite wines such as Marastina, a dry wine with a characteristic taste. Winters in Lastovo are very mild which makes it an ideal destination for travelling in a gulet, yacht or sailing boat at any time of the year, even in February when the famous Carnival festivities are held.

Day 10: Korcula - Mljet (25 NM)

Korcula - Mljet (25 NM)

Without a doubt, Korcula Island holds a revered position among the Croatian islands. There are probably more legends, stories and monuments here than in any other place. For example, it is said that Marco Polo was born here and there is a museum dedicated to him in the city of Korcula. In the marina of Korcula, we will moor our boat charter for the night. Korcula is a typical Dalmatian Medieval city with red defence towers and rainbow-coloured houses, but it is also one of the liveliest cities on the Croatian coast. If you have the chance to be on the island the 29th of July, Saint Theodore’s Day, the local saint's festival, don't miss the staging of the Moreska dance. It’s quite a show!

Day 11: Mljet - Ston (14,50 NM)

Mljet - Ston (14,50 NM)

After eating breakfast in the shade of the stern, the captain of our yacht or catamaran charter will cruise to the unique and surprising Mljet Nature Park, a legendary island with a love story involving Ulysses and Calypso as the main characters. First, we will anchor in Polace Bay where we can go swimming and eat crabs and fresh fish, and in the afternoon we can visit the salt water lakes in the park: The Great Lake (Veliko Jezero) has an islet where a 12th century Benedictine monastery stands (an island within an island), and there is the Small Lake (Malo Jezero). In truth, they are not technically lakes but rather two inlets connected to the sea by a tiny and barely noticeable passage which makes them “salt water” bodies.

Day 12: Ston - Lopud (14 NM)

Ston - Lopud (14 NM)

After various days of cruising in a yacht or gulet from island to island, we will return to the continent. Our destination is the small town of Ston, on the Peljesac Peninsula, 60 km from Dubrovnik. The most stunning attraction in Ston is its impressive 5.5 km long walls, the longest in Europe. They were constructed in 1333 when Ston belonged to the Republic of Dubrovnik and was one of the most important producers of salt. The fact that they are in such good conditions and so well preserved is quite impressive.

Day 13: Sunj Bay on Lopud Island - Dubrovnik (9 nm)

Sunj Bay on Lopud Island - Dubrovnik (9 nm)

Lopud is one of the Elaphiti Islands that can be seen in the north from Dubrovnik. Many of these islands are small and uninhabited. Only three are inhabited and Lopud is, without a doubt, the most beautiful of the three, especially Sunj Bay on the south end of the island where we will anchor our boat charter. This bay has nearly a perfect round shape with a narrow entrance and a long sandy beach, ideal for small children. On the beach, you can rent lounge chairs and umbrellas and there are refreshment stands where you can eat or drink something.

Day 14: Dubrovnik- Arrival

Dubrovnik- Arrival

All good things must come to an end, and in our case Dubrovnik is the end of our boat trip through the Adriatic. This marks the end of a unique, relaxing and unforgettable holiday. The boat charter will spend the night in Zaton Malí Bay, near the city, and on the 15th day we will ask you to disembark the boat at 9am so we can prepare it for another trip. After disembarking, we suggest you stay a few days along the coast and enjoy the magic of Dubrovnik, known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”.

*The itinerary is only a guideline. Errors in the content do not justify grounds for filing a legal complaint. If you want to visit other places, the itinerary can be modified according to your preferences. If chartering a boat with skipper, the skipper may decide to change the planned itinerary due to unexpected and/or unrelated causes to the organisation.

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