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Split - Split (7 days - 161 mn)

Split - Brac - Stari Grad - Hvar - Korcula - Isla de Vis - Isla de Solta - Split

Close your eyes and imagine you are cruising through a peaceful sea in search of isolated coves and seaside towns full of history. Can you picture it? Well, now give the paradise you just imagined a name: Dalmatian Islands. Yes, an endless string of beautiful islands along the coast of Croatia awaits you in the Adriatic Sea. Chartering a sailing boat with skipper or any other type of boat with or without skipper/crew is the best way to explore them. Making your dream come true is easy…

Day 1: Split - Brac (23 mn)

Split - Brac (23 mn)

Our cruise begins in the city of Split whose port, along with Dubrovnik, is one of the most important starting points for boat trips in the Adriatic. If we have time, before checking in to our boat charter, we can spend some time getting to know the old quarter of the city, declared a World Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. During our first day aboard, we can enjoy the comforts of our sailing boat, yacht or catamaran charter and sunbathe on the deck as we head to Brac Island, our first stop. We will anchor in Milna, a beautiful city located in a deep bay of the same name where tranquillity and history is taken in with every breath. Brac Island has been known since ancient times for its high quality stone mines. The stones from these mines have been used to build the Diocletian Palace in Split and even the White House in Washington. Don’t forget to buy a souvenir of this international stone before boarding the ship again!

Day 2: Brac - Stari Grad (11,50 mn)

Brac - Stari Grad (11,50 mn)

We set sail again and this time our destination is Stari Grad, located in a deep bay on Hvar Island. Before arriving in Stari Grad, the captain of our boat charter will anchor in a bay called Tiha (which means “silent”). This little piece of paradise owes up to its name and here we can go swimming or scuba diving. Since water activities always work up an appetite, now’s the time to taste one of the unforgettable meals our chef will prepare during the boat trip.


That’s the advantage of chartering a gulet with crew! Finally, we will arrive in Stari Grad (which means "old city" in Croatian), a small city whose landscape dotted with olive trees and vineyards will most certainly amaze you. We especially recommend strolling along the long promenade that follows the bay.

Day 3: Stari Grad - Hvar (14,50 mn)

Stari Grad - Hvar (14,50 mn)

By the third day aboard, you will have probably forgotten all about stress and you will be enjoying the experience to the maximum. When you wake up, we will be on our way to the city of Hvar, on the western side of the island of the same name. You can enjoy your breakfast while listening to the soothing sounds of the waves, sunbathing or calmly reading a book if you wish. Like the day before, we will stop along the way, this time on the small island of Scedro where lunch will be served. In the afternoon, the skipper will moor our sailing boat or yacht charter in the port of Hvar, a peaceful and relaxing place where we can enjoy a delicious dinner in one of its many bars and restaurants. Perhaps now is the time to discover some of the delicacies of Croatian cuisine which is greatly influenced by Mediterranean cuisine from countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain. After dinner, we can go check out the famous Carpe Diem, one of the most popular nightclubs along the coast.

Day 4: Hvar - Korcula (34 mn)

Hvar - Korcula (34 mn)

We are in the middle of our boat trip along the Dalmatian Coast and we have to savour each and every moment. That’s why, before arriving in the port of Korcula, our next destination, we will anchor for a few hours in front of the small island of Badija, near ancient Roman rock mines, and enjoy a swim and have lunch amidst spectacular scenery. With a little bit of luck, we might even spot a deer as they roam wild on the island.


In the afternoon, we will moor our yacht or sailing boat charter in the marina of Korcula. This is the city where, according to legend, Marco Polo was born, although there is no evidence to prove it. The old quarter is small but well preserved and full of life. The old Venetian fort is surrounded by restaurants serving fish and pasta dishes (there is a strong Italian influence in the food) along with a good glass of white wine elaborated right on the island.


If we visit during the months of July or August, we will probably be able to enjoy one of the shows of the Festival of Sword Dances (Viteskih Igara) among which the Moreska is the most notable (July 29th).

Day 5: Korcula - Vis Island (44 nm)

Korcula - Vis Island (44 nm)

Cruising in a catamaran through the Adriatic gives you the chance to discover gems such as Vis Island, a paradise where summer crowds and large hotel complexes have yet to arrive. On Vis, the word “relax” obtains its full meaning. The coast is characterised by its natural pebble beaches, clean and crystal clear waters and numerous caves. However, the most famous cave, Modra Spilja (Blue Cave), is located on the neighbouring island of Bisevo. The nickname Blue Cave comes from the blue hues it acquires when sunlight is reflected in the water inside the cave creating an optical phenomenon. This is a unique sight! After mooring the boat in the port of Vis, we recommend renting a motorbike and exploring the island. You can explore the wine route or visit its hot springs and Roman forum. In the upper part of the island, there is a peaceful restaurant where you can enjoy good barbeque lamb and vegetables along with a one of a kind sunset. If you prefer fish, one of the star dishes is Pogaca od slane ribe, toasted bread with sardines.

Day 6: Vis Island - Solta Island (21 mn)

Vis Island - Solta Island (21 mn)

Continuing with our island hopping, we will arrive in Solta, another beautiful Croatian island. Exploring Solta in a sailing boat or catamaran is an unforgettable experience. In one of its many bays, we can relax, have a swim and enjoy the food prepared on board. Rogac is the main port of the island and an ideal destination for seafarers. During the day, the town is lively but at night it’s quiet and peaceful because everyone seeks entertainment and fun in Necujam and Stomorska.

Day 7: Solta Island - Split (13 mn)

Solta Island - Split (13 mn)

On our seventh day on board, we will cruise back to Split where we will spend the night aboard the boat charter. These are our last hours to enjoy the Adriatic before our unforgettable holiday comes to an end. After docking, we still have a few hours to enjoy the lively atmosphere in the streets of Split, especially in the port area.

Tomorrow at 9am, we will have to say goodbye to the skipper and/or crew who have accompanied us during our week travelling in a gulet among the marvellous islands of the Adriatic Sea. If we charted a bareboat, now’s the time to check out and start thinking about the return home. We will most certainly leave with splendid memories and a hankering for more. There are still many islands left to discover along the Dalmatian Coast.

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