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Turkey+Greek Islands (Bodrum) (7 days - 157 NM)

Bodrum - Kos - Symi - Rhodes - Datça - Palamuntbuku - Knidos - Bodrum

Located on a peninsula facing the Greek island of Kos, Bodrum Turkish city is a good starting point to rent a catamaran, yacht, sailboat or schooner and find the "Turkish Riviera" and the islands of the Dodecanese, just where the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

Day 1: Bodrum - Kos (10,50 NM)

Bodrum - Kos (10,50 NM)

Bodrum, the ancient and mythical Halicarnassus, is one of the most appealing cities in Turkey with its lively nightlife that will delight all young people. Its dance clubs are open until dawn and its markets and bazaars offer a wide range of products for those seeking that perfect souvenir. If you want to surprise your friends or family with a unique gift, then this is the city.

Day 2: Kos - Symi (42 NM)

Kos - Symi (42 NM)

In the first part of our journey, we will cruise in a sailing boat (or the type of boat we've selected) until we reach Kos, one of the Greek Dodecanese Islands located only 4 km from Bodrum. Kos has gorgeous sandy beaches full of vegetation such as Paradise, Ayios Stefanos (in the southeast) and Ai Loani and Tigaki (in the north). If we’re interested in Hellenistic culture and archaeological treasures, we can visit the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, the ancient Agora and gate located in the centre of the capital, Kos, as well as its many Paleochristian and Byzantine churches. We can't leave the island without visiting the thousand-year-old tree that, according to local tradition, Hippocrates himself planted and was the spot where he conducted his classes.

Day 3: Symi - Rhodes (25 nm)

Symi - Rhodes (25 nm)

Symi Island is one of the most picturesque among the Greek Dodecanese Islands. It does not have an airport and can only be visited by boat. However, this does not pose a problem for us because as fortunate seafarers we are ready to discover by boat all the charm this corner of the Mediterranean has to offer. Due to its quality of light and unique traditional architecture, the island has become a favourite among painters and photographers. It is also popular for its sunny beaches, only accessible by sea, where we can go for a swim or go scuba diving and just let our worries float away.

Day 4: Rodas - Datça (35 mn)

Rodas - Datça (35 mn)

Rhodes is the largest island in the Greek Dodecanese. Its capital is overflowing with activity at all hours. The walled city has been carefully restored and is crosscut by the Road of the Knights which is dotted with Medieval palaces. The mosques from the Turkish quarter and the ruins from the Greek temples create a panorama of contrasts. Cruising aboard a boat in a southerly direction, we will spot the whitewashed houses of Lindos which are perched atop a hill at the end of a bay that is perfect for taking a dip. After going for a swim, it’s worth disembarking to visit the famous Acropolis, which can be reached on foot or by donkey. From this point we can enjoy the view of one of the most famous postcard images in Greece. Don’t forget your camera! In the afternoon, we will moor in Datça, a bustling port with a good selection of restaurants and bars where we can savour some delicious dishes. The nightlife is also very active and you are sure to be entertained until the break of dawn. There’s no reason to go back to our yacht charter until the sun comes up.

Day 5: Datça - Palamutbuku (14 NM)

Datça - Palamutbuku (14 NM)

During our fifth day aboard the boat charter, we will cruise to Palamutbuku a small fishing town located on an island opposite the Datça Peninsula. It has a naturally sheltered bay and is thus a very popular spot among seafarers cruising in a gulet or other types of boats. It has a nice beach with boulders and typical local restaurants where you can taste some delicacies of Turkish cuisine such as çorbasi (soups), salatasi (salads) or börek (puff pastries and stuffed pastries).

Day 6: Palamutbuku - Bodrum (30,50 NM)

Palamutbuku - Bodrum (30,50 NM)

We will cruise back to our starting point in Bodrum. We have 30 nautical miles ahead of us but we have enough time to enjoy the landscape and even to stop and have lunch in Knidos, located on the end of the Datça Peninsula. Knidos was an ancient Greek city of Anatolia, and today it preserves many ruins such as the Temple to Aphrodite, part of the walls and the two harbours, two theatres and the remains of a large building which was probably a temple dedicated to the sun god. Two kilometres east of the ruins, numerous tombs were found some of which are large buildings.

Day 7: Bodrum


After eight days cruising through this paradise of turquoise waters, is it possible to dream of anything more magnificent? It is, in Bodrum. If we didn’t have time to do it before, now is the time to visit the Medieval Castle of Saint Peter which was constructed by the Knights of Rhodes to protect the bay during the Middle Ages. It currently houses the amazing Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Although perhaps it’s a good idea to leave something for later as we will definitely want to have another boat charter adventure cruising through the Aegean Sea. There’s still so much more to discover!


*The itinerary is only a guideline. Errors in the content do not justify grounds for filing a legal complaint. If you want to visit other places, the itinerary can be modified according to your preferences. If chartering a boat with skipper, the skipper may decide to change the planned itinerary due to unexpected and/or unrelated causes to the organisation.

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