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Lavrion - Lavrion (7 days)

The Greek islands are not only one of the most popular preferences among European tourists, but also it is a worldwide legend.

Being the birthplace of western contemporary culture, Greece combines history and the present. In addition to the rich history, this country offers a beautiful natural and landscape, framed by a mythology. During our trip aboard a sailboat, catamaran or a gulet, passionate and powerful gods of Ancient Greece will appear before us, making this voyage exciting and magical.

Day 1: Lavrion


This time we dedicate our voyage in Greece to the islands of the Aegean Sea, where we have rented our boat. Lavrion is perfectly located to start nautical holidays crossing the wonders contained between the Saronic Gulf and the Aegean Sea. With a brand new sailboat we can experience the culture and history of the Cyclades Islands. Sail Holidays in Levrion allow you enjoy a space with moderate winds and relatively calm waters. Aegean and Cyclades islands are the major areas that receive winds; both will be easy to find nice amenities like resorts and picturesque cities with quiet places and historic sites.

Day 2: Lavrion – Citnos Mericha

Lavrion – Citnos Mericha

The Lavrion town is located at the tip of the peninsula of Attica. Although it is not a very popular place, there is situated the oldest and greatest amphitheater of ancient Greece. The area is a major mining region, whose city until recently served as refugee reception center Kurds and others. The appearance of the city then was so terrible that it was even used in a movie like outside location to of the post-war Sarajevo. But today, Lavrion has had an incredible transformation. Today it is a port city full of restaurants, shops and cafes. The reconstruction of the harbor and marina extension has converted Lavrion into important center of nautical tourism where you can easily rent boats, sailboats, catamarans and gulets.

Day 3: Citnos Mericha – Serifos Livadi

Citnos Mericha – Serifos Livadi

We take the southeast direction and crossing the Aegean Sea, and reach the small island of Kythnos, which belongs to the western group of the Cyclades Islands. The capital is Merichas, situated on the western side, to dock at port and to stretch our legs. Merichas is the port town of less than 200 residents. The island is known for its abundance of beaches, of which more than half are only accessible by sea. If you want spend one day in SPA, you have to head NE of the island and you'll run into Loutra, which literally means "baths", famous for its healing hot springs. Besides, on a hill, you can find the charismatic capital of the island. It is a small, cozy and charming village with narrow streets. These three cities are well known by the busy nightlife in all Kythnos.

Day 4: Serifos Livadi – Sifnos Kamares

Serifos Livadi – Sifnos Kamares

Among the Greek islands Sefiros has remained untouched from the tourist invasion. 70 kilometers of coastline, only 5 kilometers of asphalt road, whitewashed villages, guarantee the ideal holiday retreat in the style of the Greek islands. Mythology tells that in this island Theseus took refuge until he reached the age when he could kill Medusa. Village Livadi possesses the better infrastructure for it’s visitors and there you can find a good selection of restaurants and bars. Livadi is also famous by the busy nightlife. Some cafes are opened from the early in the morning to let us have breakfast enjoying a splendid sunrise over the Aegean Sea. Sefiros beaches are almost empty except two. So, you can enjoy incredibly beautiful beaches such as Gamea, Ambeli, Cutalas, Megalo Livadi, Ramos or Sicamia that are completely deserted throughout the year.

Day 5: Sifnos Kamares – Siros Finikas

Sifnos Kamares – Siros Finikas

Following route we are reaching Sifnos island, situated close to Serifos, with the port Kamares. With an arid and mountainous relief barely knows the concept of tourism. Apollonia, its capital, is located in the interior, with architecture of whitewashed houses, narrow alleys and numerous churches. The best to approach the island is by sea rather than by land. So hire the boat and you will not lose detail. You can visit the Gulf of Vaci, Faros and Platis Yialos with its beautiful beaches Jrisopiyi, Camaris and Jeróniso. The small village Artemosa is characteristic for its windmills and sea views. From there the trail olive Castro can be reached. You have to visit the churches and the Castle on your way. The island is full of monasteries. At night, the most alive place is the port Kamares, where you'll find not only a good choice of restaurants but also clubs that stay open late.

Day 6: Siros Finikas – Kea

Siros Finikas – Kea

Changing the course we turn our boat to north, and we reach Siros. It is the capital of the Cyclades, one of the most populated islands with developed infrastructure. Its important seaport makes Siros cultural and intellectual center of the islands. Air of lordship maintains in their villages between cobbled streets and numerous monuments. In the South East of the island is situated Finikas, the second natural harbor on the island (after Hermopolis, the capital). Finikas is protected from the northern winds, and possesses a beautiful beach ideal for children. This small town is full of trees that contrast with the usually arid landscape of the Cyclades.

Day 7: Kea – Lavrion

Kea – Lavrion

We are almost have finished our private cruise on a gulet, catamaran or sailing boat. On our last day we reach Kea, an island that is not very popular among foreign tourists but which welcomes summer many Greek families. It is famous by its excellent honey, wine and almonds. This island is the closest to the mainland coast. There you can enjoy mills and its capital Ioulis built in neoclassical style. It's a perfect island to anchor and spend night in a secluded cove and paradise before docking back in Lavrion.

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