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Lefkas – Lefkas (7 days)

Our destination chosen this time are the beautiful islands of the Classical and Romantic Greece.

A postcard picturesque dotted with archaeological wealth of ancient civilization, with a unique architecture that enables personalized and no two same places in the world. Thanks to the idyllic landscape and its history it has become one of the favorite tourists’ destinations. It is also the cradle of contemporary western philosophy, where lived great thinkers and philosophers. The perfect place for the rest that better way to explore is by the sailboat rented in Greece.

Day 1: Lefkada


On this occasion we choose the island of Lefkada, also called Lefkas, to set sail.  Lefkada island is located in the Ionian Sea and is connected to the mainland by a long bridge. Lefkada has a mountainous landscape and amazingly fertile soils. It has an area of 117 kilometers of coastline with numerous ports, archaeological excavations and a majestic landscape and topography. Its main port cities are Nidri and Vasiliki. Nikiana is another place of interest on the island. It is a small town situated about 9 miles south of Lefkas, the capital. It is a perfect place to relax with friendly and kind ambient and gentle beaches.

Day 2: Lefkas – Sivota

Lefkas – Sivota

The capital of the island is also called Lefkas, and is located in the north end of the island, maintaining a Venetian-style architecture for decades. There are a couple of interesting churches, such as the Church of Christ Pantokrator and the Church of the Virgin Mary Odegitria. You can also visit the waterfalls to find a refreshing or see the lagoon, a place of considerable ecological importance. In front of Lefkas there is Meganisi - a small green islet with fishing tradition and only three small towns. The islet is full of olive trees that you can visit it by the rental boat.

Day 3: Sivota - Efimia

Sivota - Efimia

Sivota is a small fishing village on the Ionian coast and lies between hundreds of coves and bays with crystal clear water. Around the small natural bay is created a maritime center with all the equipment and facilities required. But Sivota has not lost its air of tranquility and peace about it. Both families and couples can find in this corner, a truly unique stay for relaxation. Although in August Sivota is quite frequented by tourists, it remains far from the big crowds echoed in other parts of Greece. The so-called "queen" of Epirus, a region of ancient Greece, is full of memories of the past, natural wonders and traditions alive to the most genuine form of Greek folklore. Also the place is full of restaurants and taverns where you can enjoy the specialties of Greek cuisine. And putting the right direction you’ll come to virgin secluded beaches.

Day 4: Efimia – Poros

Efimia – Poros

Ayia Efimia or Ayia Eufimia, was formerly the main port of the island of Kefalonia, but after the earthquake of 1953, the town of Sami was developed instead. This is a beautiful and picturesque fishing village that attracts many visitors and sailboats. Beautiful beaches of Efimia, such as Playa Lithovati, are waiting for you and in the path of the Pylarinos ravine you can see other small villages like Agia Dinati and Kalonoros. The famous monastery of Agia Dinati, called "Panagia Themata sta" is especially interesting to be visited on August 15 when its festival is celebrated. There is a small fee mooring to pay in the small marina Ay Eufemia that lets you have water and electricity services. Plus all the harbor is full of bars, shops and restaurants.

Day 5: Poros – Kastos

Poros – Kastos

The port city of Poros was rebuilt by the British after the 1953 earthquake that crumbled most of the houses of fishermen. Poros is located between the mountains Astros and Pahni. Its shores are quiet and sandy beaches offering safe harbor that has daily ferry service. Poros is an excellent place for walking and hiking. You can visit the oldest monastery of Kefalonia, the Monastery of the Virgin Mary, about 500 meters above sea level on a nearby hill. The views from here are stunning. Poros is the perfect place for those who love the Greek culture and if you get know it for the first time, you’ll wish to come back here. Caiques, traditional Greek fishing boats, often lead to nearby beaches of Poros, like Koutsoupia, inaccessible by land. Also, from here we can go to the islands of Ithaca and Zante.

Day 6: Kastos - Meganisi

Kastos - Meganisi

It is a small island covered by olive trees elongated 16 square kilometers in the Ionian Sea. It is an excellent place for fishing. It has only 50 permanent residents, but they can get up to 500 in the summer season. Marked by low relief hills and a coast full of small beaches, there are few roads and little cars, so the best way to come to know this island is by sea. On the Saracene Bay, situated on the west of the island, you can safely anchoring even in bad weather.

Day 7: Meganisi – Lefkas

Meganisi – Lefkas

Meganisi is a little unexplored paradise that lies among the Greek islands, just in 4 miles away from the island of Lefkada, where we will end our trip. It is a small green island surrounded by even smaller islets as Madouri, Thilia, Sparta, Kythros, and the famous island of Aristotle Onassis' Skorpios. In Meganisi you can take pleasure from unspoiled nature which combines the emerald sea with picturesque villages.

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