Charter yachts anchored in the Caribbean Sea

Travel recommendations


Top Sailing Charter gives you some tips and advice to help you planning your trip aboard a charter boat.



Recommended baggage for nautical travels:



  • Forget the rigid suitcases with wheels, they occupy too much space. However, a backpack or folding bag can always be hidden in a drawer somewhere.
  • Let's take the minimum. The more clothes you bring, the more problems with space occur. Actually, 80 percent of time is going to be spent in a swimsuit.
  • One must include at least two pairs of shoes suitable for sailing. In this sense, the best is closed sandals (ones that can protect your toes). Socks are good as well, even though it is summer.
  • Swimwear. This you´ll use mostly, so take a few. Enclosed, must be the essential accessories: sunscreen, sunglasses and lightweight hat or baseball cap.
  • In addition to shorts and T-shirts, it’s useful having two pair of pants, light sweater and other from thicker cotton or lightweight wool. Also, a light jacket or windbreaker that somehow resists water. This is our protection in case of bad weather. Sail gloves are a must to work with the sheets.
  • It is good to provide two towels: one for the "beach" and one for personal hygiene. We recommend micro fiber towels that take up little space.
  • As first aid kit we could prepare: mosquito repellent, sunburn cream, dizziness pills and some pills from potential colds.
  • Toolkit and various utensils. This may include a multi-tool knife and a flashlight (with batteries).

Basic rules:



  • Heels are totally unacceptable. Recommended to have the type of shoes convenient for walking on deck during sailing, go barefoot or with socks. Inside the boat, you must go barefoot or with socks.
  • No smoking inside the boat.
  • To avoid an uncomfortable situation while traveling, it is forbidden, throw any object to the bathroom (toilet paper, tampons, napkins, hair, etc.). The ship toilet does not share the same system as a household toilet, therefore could be damaged by inappropriate use and cause odors.