Charter yachts anchored in the Caribbean Sea

Life aboard a sailing boat

If you like sailing, you can take one or two weeks to enjoy your favourite sport, cruising five or six hours a day, controlling the different elements of the rig, hoisting the sails…and all with no boundaries other than the ones you yourself set.

So you don’t know how to tell the difference between the spars and the rigging? You have no idea what "boom" means? Don’t worry ! If you’re travelling in a sailing boat with skipper, you don't need to know. Your skipper will take care of everything and organise the trip at the pace you wish. All you have to do is let yourself go, relax and enjoy a long list of some of life’s small pleasures: forget about stress and immerse yourself in a good book on the deck or simply admire the sea; take a dip in a cove with crystalline waters accompanied only by your family or friends; wake up every morning to a different landscape; contemplate the dolphins as they play around the sailing boat…

You are the master of time and you decide what you will do at all times. Perhaps one night you feel like having dinner on the boat with your friends and chatting about the divine and mankind until dawn, and the next you prefer to moor in a port and have dinner out and dance until you drop.

If you're travelling alone with your partner, prepare yourself for the most romantic holidays you've ever experienced. What’s more romantic than an evening on the deck with only the stars for company?


Try it and you’ll see. You will wonder why you never did it before!