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Gemini Catamarans

Gemini Catamarans are an American Multihull brand with a long family tradition. The first of the Gemini boats was introduced to the market during the year 1981, offering an innovative design accessible to a large public. With the launch of Gemini Catamarans, the nautical sector underwent a complete redefinition regarding mid-size cruising catamarans of average performance.


The beautiful shape of its hulls, the comfortable interior designs and the good distribution of the outdoor space makes the Gemini Catamarans very attractive boats, with which it will be very easy to forget about all concerns and indulge in relaxation and adventure. ¡Discover the Gemini Sailing Charters!


Gemini Catamarans Shipyard
Gemini Sailing Charters

A Gemini cat has all the necessary amenities to surprise you with a unique sailing experience, aboard a safe, stable and manageable boat. If you try a Gemini cat, you will definetely want to repeat, because an experience at sea on board this type of Multihull is unforgettable.


With Gemini sailing you will enjoy much more than a classic boat, you will enjoy the sun and the sea breeze, and, above all, the sea, surrounded by the people who you love the most. Dare to enjoy magical moments with Gemini Catamarans!