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The Aeolian Islands are famous because of the mythology. It is believed was reined by the gods and different monstrous creatures and it was the same Eolo who named the Islands. The Forge of Vulcan should be in the crater of the volcano where forged Zeus' thunderbolts and the seven islands formed a "Y" that resembles the constellation Orion in the stars.

Outside the mythology, it is a volcanic archipelago, declared a World Heritage Site, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea and not far from Sicily. They have to be explored by boat or gullet rented in Aeolian Islands. It consists of 7 islands, and Lipari is the largest of them. They mostly consist of postcard landscapes that combine olives, vines, cacti and bougainvillea in the field and whitewashed houses with flat roofs. Beaches with black sand that was hired from lava. A hodgepodge that causes a peace and unexpected tranquility. These  islands boast prehistoric continuous revealing settings: Romans, Arabs, Phoenicians and even Spanish.

Lipari and Salinas, the largest of the Aeolian, are generating influx of tourism, but during the cold months it is quiet down. Then Lipari becomes charming and pleasant to walk around the citadel and the port of Marina Corta. In Salinas, the greenest of all thanks to its agricultural potent, is famous the little house on the cliffs of Pollara where was made a film 'The Postman'. At Stromboli, the volcano throws sparks even on some nights the sky and drop its lava down the slope of Sciara del Fuoco.