Yacht charter in Greece - Sporades Island
Yacht charter in Greece - Sporades Island
Yacht charter in Greece - Sporades Island

Yacht charter in Greece - Sporades Island

Sporades, solitude of art and spirituality

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Our bases in Greece - Sporades Island

Achilleio | Skiathos | Volos

They consist of Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros. It can be characterized by the lush vegetation of the landscape mainly decorated with pine and eucalyptus. It is a perfect destination to enjoy with friends or family on a charter boat rented in Greece.

Skiathos is situated on the western part of the group of islands. It is covered by beautiful deep green pines which fragrance you can almost smell from the deck of the rented sailboat. There are a lot of sandy beaches, 70 in total. You can practice nudism in Banana beach or visit the small islands of Tsougria and Repio. Skopelos is the charming island where was filmed the musical “Mamma Mia”. It has gathered the mixture of Byzantine, Venetian and many others epochs that made fascinating history and a rich and diverse architecture. Alonissos Island, the northernmost of the Sporades, stands out for the sheer beauty of its beaches, which the seabed is protected by being home to a unique type of seal. The picturesque and spiritual facet corresponds to Skyros, host of numerous artists and people looking for retirement and peace of mind. The island convenes numerous yoga courses and other practices that appeal to people of many nationalities together all with the same intention of inner search.

The Sporades islands are ideal for exploring it on a charter catamaran or sailboat with the intention of discovering unknown and inspiring places in turquoise waters between the blue Aegean Sea and the lush green of the pines.