Yacht charter in Malta
Yacht charter in Malta

Yacht charter in Malta

Sailing in Malta – discover its more than 7000 years of history


Sailing Malta can become an amazing experience. If you want your holidays to become a journey of cultural and historical discovery, do not hesitate and take advantage of boat hire Malta, since the best way to appreciate an island is from the sea. Top Sailing Charter offers you the possibility to yacht charter Malta and discover this island from a different perspective.

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Our bases in Malta

Birgu | Valletta

Rent a boat in Malta

The island of Malta is located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, near the south of Sicily. Malta can be considered as an authentic open-air museum: you are going to see traces left by the different cultures and villages that have inhabited Malta throughout the history. Besides this, do not forget to visit its beaches with yacht charter in Malta. You will be able to enjoy them at your ease, beaches like the Blue Lagoon, Bugibba Bay or Ghajn Tuffieha Bay. In addition to visiting the beaches of Malta, you will discover cities such as La Valetta, the capital of the island declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, and Birgu, on the east coast. Both have important ports where it is easy to rent boat Malta, with which you will be able to go out to explore the Maltese island. Apart form the island of Malta you have two other beautiful islands to visit: Comino and Gozo.


With boat hire Malta, as well as swiming, sunbathing and practising water sports in St. Peters Pool or at the Blue Lagoon in Comino, you are going to enjoy sailing in Malta at your ease or going ashore for sightseeng or to take a walk; you can also have some drinks in San Julián or visit the zoo in Marsaskala, a very interesting activity if you are sailing Malta with children.


As you can see, with yacht charter Malta you will not be bored: dare to enjoy sailing in Malta and discover this Mediterranean wonder!