Yacht charter in Norway
Yacht charter in Norway
Yacht charter in Norway

Yacht charter in Norway

Sailing Norway - enjoy the essence of nature


If you decide to visit the country with Norway yacht charter you will discover a natural paradise with impressive fjords, glaciers, aurora borealis, the typical midnight sun and much more. If you rent a boat in Norway you will be able to feel the nature in its maximum splendor and enjoy it at your own pace. Top Sailing Charter makes it easy for you: you can rent a sailboat or a catamaran to get to know this country in a different way!

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Our bases in Norway

Bergen | Lofoten | Tromso

Sailing Norway coast

There is really a lot to see while sailing Norway coast. There are many possible destinations and itineraries that you can enjoy with yacht charter in Norway. As specialists in boat charters, we recommend you to visit the Oslo fjord (Oslofjorden in Norwegian), with more than 100 kilometers in longitude, located between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. There you will be able to visit each one of its lovely and charming inland islands. From the northern end of the fjord, passing through Oslo, and to the far south, in the Faerder lighthouse, lie 100 kilometers full of harbors, canals, islands and bays that marvel all navigators and dazzle nature lovers. Dare to enjoy a Norway boat trip at your ease!


Another interesting destination for sailors are the Lofoten Islands, in northern Norway, above the Arctic Circle. Despite its location, this archipelago is very famous for its great natural beauty and enjoys very mild winter temperatures thanks to the Gulf Stream. In Svolvaer and Leknes, the two most important cities of Lofoten, the sun never sets between mid-May and mid-July. In winter, on the contrary, the sun does not appear from the beginning of December until the beginning of January.


In Norway, you are going to find natural parks such as Rondane, Jotunheimen and Hardangerviddam; you can also visit its magnificent waterfalls, such as Mardalsfossen, Steinsdalsfossen or Friaren. In addition, apart from enjoying sailing Norway, here you will be able to practice a lot of sports such as skiing, hiking, cycling, climbing, glacier trekking, rafting and much more, obviously not forgetting about fishing. As you can see, sailing Norway coast and discovering the interior of the country will make your trip a very complete one.


Rent a boat in Norway and enjoy the spectacle of the midnight sun in a relaxed way. Or you rather prefer to enjoy the spectacular views of the fjords or the mountains of the region from the deck of your boat? If you dream about all this experiences, do not hesitate — this destination will amaze you without a doubt.