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Alicante is the capital of the most southerly province of the Autonomous Region of Valencia. The city is situated in the southeast of the province in an inlet between the capes of Huertas and Santa Pola. It lies at 182 km from Valencia, 432km from Madrid, and 544km from Barcelona.

It is the ideal spot for the practice of water sports such as the rental of vessels or water scooters, sailing, diving, deep sea diving, surfing, windsurfing, sports fishing, or water skiing all the year round. All of these services can be contracted directly from the companies dealing with them.

The local gastronomy is surely one of the most renowned tourist attractions, Rice, the staple ingredient of all Valencian cooking, is the protagonist of a great variety of recipes, although it is true to say that the typical dishes also use many other ingredients.
The San Juan bonfires are the biggest fiestas of the city have been declared of International Tourist Interests. They have their origin in the tradition of burning unwanted or useless objects on the Summer Solstice, and are celebrated from the 21st to the 24th of June. Moors and Christians is the major provincial fiesta, and takes place in five zones of the city at different dates. It is a spectacular reconstruction of the re-conquest of the provincial lands from the Arabs.
The climate is arid Mediterranean, with mild temperatures throughout the year and low rainfall, this concentrated in the periods around the equinoxes. Temperatures oscillate between 6,2ºC and 16,8ºC in January, and between 20,4ºC and30,6ºC in August, the mean annual temperature being 17,8ºC. Frosts and temperatures over 40ºC are a rarity. The daily swings in temperature are very small due to the influence of the sea, even though in occasional windy periods the swing might reach 15º.