Yacht charter in La Savina

Yacht charter in La Savina

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Formentera is the fourth island of the Balieric archipelago in size, with 82 Km², forming, together with its neighbour Ibiza, the Pitiusa Islands. It lies between the parallels 38º40’ and 38º49’ of Northern latitude, and between the meridians 1º17’ and1º28’ east of Greenwich. It is separated from Ibiza by a channel of 3,6 km. The distance between the ports of Ibiza and Formentera is 11 nautical miles. It lies from east to west in elongated form, stretched at the ends by the Barberia Cape at the south and the points of Sa Barbera and Borronar to the north.

As to its flora, we must first speak of the Formentera soil. Morphologically it is composed principally of chalk rock and sand. This very permeable soil, together with the scarce and irregular rainfall, creates the conditions unsuitable for widespread vegetation which typify the island.
Rural Formentera makes an effort to maintain its habits and customs. This is especially noticeable in its fiestas, the most important of these being that of its patron saint, Sant Jaume, celebrated on the 25th of July. Otherwise outstanding is the fiesta of Santa Maria on the 5th August, which ultimately is gaining in popularity, followed by that of the Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of seamen, which is celebrated in La Savina and in Es Pujols, on the 16th of July Also worthy of note are the local town fiestas: Sant Ferran, on the 30th of May,that of Nuestra Señora del Pilar, in La Mola, on the 12th of October, and of Sant Francesc Xavier, on the 3rd of December.
As to climatic conditions, Formentera is characterised by high temperatures and a markedly dry summer period. Due to its homogenous relief, and reduced extension, Formentera’s climate is the same over the whole island.