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What to do in Palamos?

Palamós is a municipality on the Costa Brava in the province of Gerona, and in the region of Baix Empordà . It is considered as a town. Its commercial port is the third largest in Catalonia next to Barcelona and Tarragona. Right in the Costa Brava, on the Girona coast, one finds this town set in with its excellent beaches and leisure opportunities. The uneven coastal relief offers wide sandy beaches just as it does small coves of clear water between the rocks.
The bay of fine sand of Palamós breaks the contours of the cliffs that protagonize the form of the Costa Brava. It has been here since the XII century, this town, formerly a fishing village, which now has important leisure and tourist qualities. The beaches, coves, nautical installations, and the fishing port are the major attractions, although we must not forget the mediaeval traces of its old town. From the nearby plateau of Les Gavarres one can see the whole coastal profile, and this is exceptional hiking country, or any sport connected with Nature.
The fishing port, at the foot of the old town, is the beginning of the city. The yachts here change places with boats and fishing boats, which return each day with recently caught fish. It is worthwhile visiting the Fish Market, where Mediterranean products are sold or auctioned. The Fishing Museum also helps bring the visitor nearer to one of the important economic activities of the Baix Empordà.
Fish and seafood form a part of the traditional Mediterranean diet, deeply rooted in the Catalonian culture. In Palamós shrimps, eaten fried, cooked, or stewed in a multitude of ways, are an outstanding feature. Sea urchins, crayfish, cuttlefish and squibs are combined with game birds, cod or snails, creating recipes halfway between land and sea.
Any trip around the city will pass interesting monuments such as the churches of Santa Eugenia de Villarromá or Santa María del Mar in the urban centre. The Murada square and the El Pedró square are the major viewpoints in Palamós, one overlooking the bay, and the other the sports harbour. Moreover, important archaeological remains of the Iberians are located in the Castell beach, while one can find the medieval castle of Sant Esteve in the La Fosca beach.