Чартерные лодки на якорь в Карибском море

Charter a boat: why book now?

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Summer is not as far as it seems. So if your dream vacation happens to sail your air, with good company and enjoying the best beaches in the world, you should rent a boat already. You will find many advantages if you do now.

We all know that when making a reservation to go on a trip, if we do it in time, we can get more advantageous conditions than if we do at the last minute. Well, even if only for that, you should already be thinking about where you want to rent a boat for this summer.


In addition to achieving an interesting discount on the price (in Top Sailing Charter you will find discounts of up to 15% if you rent already for summer), you will have another point in your favor: a greater variety of destinations to choose. Croatia, Greece, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, the Bahamas ... are highly demanded destinations and if you wait a lot, you may have no boat available.


If you are one of those who does not conceive a vacation in the company of your friends, take advantage now that most likely have no plans and you will be able to recruit them for your nautical adventure. The more friends, the better. In addition to making unforgettable plans, you can share expenses and that is always appreciated.


You can organize with calm and time an interesting itinerary that appeals to all the crew. Also if you want to book in the most in restaurants in the city that you are going to moor, or want to visit some museum or place of interest, you can buy your tickets or book in advance.


You can allow yourself to be a little more flexible with the dates. By having more competitive prices and room for maneuver, you can (if your job allows it) to move the holiday days up week, week down, adapting to the existing price improvements.


If you want to know more details about the advantages of booking and your boat for rent, do not hesitate to consult the offers we have on our website You can not postpone it any more!

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