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How to avoid dizziness on a boat (II)

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We continue with the second part with tips to avoid dizziness when we start a boat trip. We have all suffered or know someone with a tendency to get dizzy when they get on a moving means of transport.

Well, here we leave you some ideas so that, once we have come to have that horrible feeling, we can overcome it and continue with our trip by sea.


How to combat the symptoms of seasickness on a boat:


  1. Mood is important, so it's better not to obsess. For this it is important that we clear ourselves by talking with a partner and try not to think continuously about arriving on land. Distract yourself with what you can.
  2. Look towards a fixed point on the horizon, never from the boat because you will get more dizzy.
  3. Look for cool shaded and ventilated sites. The sensation of freshness will make us feel better.
  4. Cool your face and the back of your neck. It helps to clear up and eliminate the overwhelming burden in those moments.
  5. And hey, if the thing gets worse, it throws up whatever it takes. Surely you will feel much better and clearer. Remember, it has ever happened to us all.

And here's our advice to deal with dizziness. Here you can read how to avoid it before it happens.

Happy sailing!

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Новый Lagoon 450 на Ибице
Новый Lagoon 450 на Ибице