Чартерные лодки на якорь в Карибском море

Cruise in the Bahamas (I)


Eleven components the Top Sailing Charter team recognized as pure paradise. Yes, and this one is in the Bahamas. Waters of an intense turquoise color and beaches of white sand that invite to dream.

Today we want to invite you to meet a magical place. An itinerary that we have enjoyed enormously and that is available to all who wish to immerse themselves in the wild nature that still exists in this area.


Bahamas consists of up of 700 islands and islets ideal for sailing and water sports. Dolphins, starfish, turtles and sharks accompanied us on an unforgettable journey.


Let's start!


First day: Matt Lowe's Cay, Fowl Cay and Treasure Cay

After arriving to the Bahamas with transfer in Miami and embarking on the catamaran Lagoon 52 that we had reserved, we began our journey early morning. Enjoying the colors of the dawn is priceless. On our first day of sailing we headed to Matt Lowe's Cay.


During the wonderful crossing we could see the turquoise colors of the sea and the seabed since there was only a depth of three meters! In these areas you have to be very cautious. Some took advantage to practice Paddle Surf until reaching the coast, others did it swimming and some decided to take the dinghy to reach the land.


After enjoying this island, we decided to head to Fowl Cay, a beautiful place where the Atlantic and the lagoon make up a natural pool. Spectacular. In the afternoon we decided to go to Treasure Cay.


We arrived at port. A quiet and very well equipped place, which is full of sport fishing and luxury boats. Nearby is the Treasure Cay Golf Club, so it is very common to meet the lovers of this sport. If in addition to sailing you like golf, do not hesitate, go hit a few holes.


On the way to Green Turtle Cay

We decided to stay overnight at Treasure Cay. The next day at dawn we were surrounded by a playful dolphins that went from here to there and that made us happy that morning.

After the daily cleaning of the deck, we decided to take a walk on Treasure Cay Beach, considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world: kilometers of white sand beach and a crystalline sea lay in front of our eyes. Another sight not to be missed is the impressive houses that are on the seashore. Can you imagine living in such a place?


Our next stop was Green Turtle Cay. During the trip we wanted to try our luck in the art of fishing and voilà! We got a beautiful specimen. We already had dinner! You have to be especially vigilant with the tides. It can go down a lot and there is a risk of running aground.

When we arrived on land, we decided to enjoy the sunset at the port, sipping a few cold beers, watching the horizon lights and breathing the tranquility of the place. We had earned it!


To be continued…

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