Yacht Management

Are you planning to buy a boat


We accompany and help you throughout the process.
You define the course and delegate the management to us.
Integral management
Shared purchase
Zero cost
We offer all our nautical experience so that you can enjoy an incredible navigation
We advise you throughout the process:
• Purchase of the boat
• Construction monitoring
• Marking
• Crew
• Maintenance plan
• Insurance
• Mooring
• Commercial exploitation
• Budget monitoring
We are an interdisciplinary team passionate about the sea and boats around the world where there is navigation to experience.


Cali Sanmarti


Manager of GB78, Industrial Engineer, finalist of the round the world BWR2010, Yacht Master RYA, 1st sailing expeditions to Antarctica, 13 Atlantic crossings .....






Sergi Alós: 


Topsailing Charter CEO, a leading online boat rental company around the world. Having sailed through: Polynesia, Mediterranean, Séchelles, Bahamas, Lesser Antilles Cuba ... With a wide background sailing all those places where Sommer sail ...



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