Yacht charter in France
Yacht charter in France
Yacht charter in France

Yacht charter in France

Discover the French Coast, a coast of a thousand faces

No other European country offers as much variety as the French coast. With boat hire in France you can sail along 5,500 km of coastline, spread between the North Sea, the English Channel, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Top Sailing Charter invites you to choose the boat that you like the most to travel along the French coast and to enjoy an unforgettable trip.

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Boating holidays in France

There are many things to do in France, especially if you enjoy the sea and sailing. In the north, with boat rental in France you can hire a catamaran, with or without crew, and discover the Opal Coast, where you will find white cliffs, or the Bay of Somme, between wild dunes and marshes. Other places you can visit are the Costa del Amor, famous for its shady marshes, and, a little further south, the coast of Aquitaine, which extends until the Spanish border. Once in the Mediterranean Sea, you can rent a sailboat or luxury yacht, with or without crew, to sail the coast of Corsica, an island full of charm and with an impressive combination of landscapes, or approach to La Camarga, where you will be seduced by its paddy fields and prairies full of horses, bulls and pink flamingos.


If you want to enjoy the beaches, do not hesitate, discover yacht rental in France and visit its star destination: the Blue Coast, or “the Riviera”, where you will find the most famous and glamorous beaches of the country, with Saint-Tropez on top. Whatever will be your choice, you will discover unparalleled nature, heritage, culture and gastronomy. In front of the Marseilles coast, which may be a good place to start your route, you will find the Frioul Islands, with a rocky landscape and ancient military fortresses, and also If Island, the island of the Count of Monte Cristo. Do not forget about Cannes and the Lérins Islands, with its fortresses and bastions, where you can visit the incredible abode of “The Iron Mask”. As you can see, the Provencal Coast also has a lot to offer you and with boat charter in France you will be able to organize the route of your dreams.


Do not hesitate and the discover yacht charter in France. It will be a trip that will re-encounter you with the pleasure of “savoir vivre”, good eating and good drinking, a trip you will never forget!